Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving place card holder

Thank you Pottery Barn Kids for being out of your Thanksgiving Sailboat Treat Holder... no, really, thank you. I now am going to start the wonderful tradition of the boys helping me make our own place setting boats each year!

Here's the photo of the original felt sailboat treat holder ($6, not too bad seeing you can re-use them each year) in the PB catalog, along with the super pricey Centerpiece boat (which they still have in stock BTW if it strikes your fancy).

I was actually bummed they didn't have the sailboats online or in store when I went to order them this week, they were actually super cute. So now with my heart still set on using that idea for the upcoming holiday I had to look up how to make a felt boat but then decided it would probably cost me more than $6 in the long run for the felt and materials to do it on my own. So I opted to look up how to make paper boats and found this easy tutorial.

And wa-la, still super cute, and will be even better with colored cardstock and filled with goodies! This is definatly something I will enjoy preparing for our feast, along with the yummy food too of course!

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