Monday, June 2, 2014

Carter's Lego Star Wars party

Who knew Lego Star Wars would be so much fun to put together for a birthday party?!

Carter just turned six so I thought it would be a fun play on words to use the name of Darth Vader's order instead. 

Do note that you will be questioned your spelling skills if people are not familiar with Star Wars :)

Lego juice box covers (printed on colored paper) and light saber napkin ware

Click on the links to see the awesome parents who shared how you can print your own.

I printed out all the food tags just by coping and pasting a Lego photo I found online to a Word document and adding the text, super easy!

Blue and Red Kool-aide

 It was all fun until there was a problem... Darth Vader took the birthday candle!!!
We then had to go on a scavenger hunt to find him and rescue the candle!

We had to travel thru space and collect galaxies (bouncy balls) and asteroids (Pop Rocks) that were hidden.

Next we encountered storm troopers to battle with our light sabers (pool noodles with duck and electrical tape handles)

Carter helped draw some pictures and we printed off the rest and attached them to cardboard boxes.  Feel free to wrap the paper all around the box if it's a diaper one so there's no battling a baby :)

*Side note*  I did see online that you can put a glow stick in the middle of the noodle for it to light up at night, didn't try it myself but sounds awesome!
Then we used the Force to locate Darth Vader (my dad was a good sport on such a hot day) and got the candle back!

They got energy out on a piƱata with their light sabers

Then each Jedi received a Jedi Knight Certificate from Yoda and Lego candy as a favor
 May the force be with you!