Monday, July 19, 2010

Week of goodies

It's gonna be a good week!

It started off a good weekend full of seeing family and friends and thanks to my dear neighbor I got a super cute new day tote to replace the diaper bag I've been lugging around. If you live near here Greenstreet Gardens carry them or Enchanted Art at Parole in Annapolis. The size is perfect, it will hold a few diapers, travel wipes, my wallet, cell phone, 2 sippy cups, a bottle of water for me, even a few thin books and matchbox cars to keep little hands occupied, and it's got a great key change hook inside so I'll now never have to worry about loosing or misplacing my keys when I'm out and about... or the boys taking them out and playing with them! Also love the fact that it's a durable canvas material, multicolored to hide future stains it will inevitably endure and being super cute doesn't hurt either!

I then started thinking that Gavin's last week of his summer program at Mt. Harmony is this week, then it'll be preparing for the 3 day a week 3yr program at Shepherd's Flock for the fall! In the meantime I'm going to try to squeeze in a trip to the Zoo (Washington b/c it's closer and free), we have discount tickets to Six Flags and possibly making it to Sesame Place; hopefully Mike will have one or 2 days in the month of August free from side work to join in on the fun too!

Then one of the blogs I follow has revamped their blog and is celebrating by having a week of giving aways ! I sooo hope I win the lemonade stand... still have yet to buy it so here's hoping it'll be free!

And with all of these things going thru my mind this week, the one thing that's got me even more excited, our new hummingbird feeder! I've always wanted one but was holding out to find the perfect blown glass feeder. But with the boys you never know what they're going to throw or try to get into so glass was out of the picture. I just had to settle on a plastic one in the meantime, but no ordinary one of course- it's in the shape of a red wine bottle, and truly can't wait for the hummingbirds to start coming! They're such beautiful little things and to be able to see them up close would be a treat in itself!

Looking forward to the fun the rest of the summer will bring!


  1. I Love hummingbirds! We don't get a lot of critters here in Phoenix, but I do always get hummingbirds. I'm lucky enough to have a plant that they LOVE, right next to my window. So, it's the perfect spot for me to watch them while they hover around my plant! Hope you are getting to see lots as well!

  2. So glad there's another hummingbird lover out there! They're so quick I feel lucky to be able catch a glimpse of one. Though, within the last week there have been 3 fluttering around. But it's kind of like seeing a shooting star, you're in awe of it and by the time you foucus in it's gone :)