Saturday, April 30, 2011

OSO Birthday party

Super excited about planning yet another birthday party! It won't be as over-the-top as Gavin's Mickey Mouse party but still fun nonetheless! We all LOVE Special Agent Oso, yes hubby included!

As mentioned in an older post there is no Oso party supplies to be had, anywhere, with every online place I search there are parents up in arms over Disney not having anything Oso but 2 little toy sets online (they used to be availble at Target but as of last yr arn't sold in stores anymore). Thank Goodness just this month Disney put a plush for sale online after a 2yr hiatus, I know my little guy will love this as much as the little Scentsy lamb he got from the Easter Bunny- he's such a stuffed animal lover, and loves every single one he has too!

I was going to make my own invites until I remembered my mother-in-law had purchased a ton of truck and construction theme supplies that were dirt cheep before Carter was even born, thinking they could have been used for future parties for Gavin. It just so happened that they had 3 birthday candles on them so they work well but after asking Carter what kind of party he wants I'll be fusing them together with Oso and came up with:

And because he's a special agent I saw another Mom on a party site post how she cut out the guests names from the newspaper to put on the invites like a real secret message; sooo had to use that idea! It was also great one-on-one time sitting with Carter helping me find and cut out each letter and then putting them together to spell everyone's name, he was just as into it as I was!

And for the longer names like 'Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Charlie' I opted to put the cut-up letters inside and have them put it together like a puzzle, also great for older kids to do!

Now all I have to do is print out all the online party printables for decorations!

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