Monday, May 28, 2012

Our 1st veggie garden

"It will never rain roses. When we want to have more roses, we must plant more roses." -George Eliot

It was a great Mother's Day earlier this month, the start of my very own vegetable garden!  I have wanted one for years but with the kids being so young and demanding of my time I never got the chance to tend to anything other than them and my many flower gardens. 

Mike graded a patch of the yard with the tractor and the boys helped when they could, mostly getting the large rocks out of the way and making piles of dirt like any boy would.

I had purchased some seeds late April and started the tomatoes out in an egg carton as they needed to be established before being planted.  Needless to say now that they are in the ground the plants should have been started in something deeper, after a weeks time only a few of the 12 survived being transplanted.  But it's okay, it'll give me another excuse to go to the local nursery and do some tomato plant shopping!

I did mix in bags of garden soil with the land and made rows of mulch so I knew where I could walk and wouldn't disturb the seedlings.

I'll see how these signs hold up this summer, I saw them at Michael's craft store in the Wedding isle and knew I had to get them b/c of the cute factor.  They actually have chalkboard paint on them so you can write table numbers or names on them.  The crafty side of me opted to use my paint pens and draw on them, but if they don't last I'll stick with my Grandfather's easier idea of sticking the seed packet on a stick and poking it into the ground!

Not expecting too much with it being the 1st, it's definatly a learning experience!  Especially not knowing what type of soil we'll find, some spots are pure clay, some stony and others sandy because of having to bring the grade of the land up when we 1st bought the house.

Next year I may have to buy tons of bags of soil and try it out again fresh, for now it's just a waiting game to see if any green pops up.  I think I'll be more excited than the kids if this works!

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