Monday, June 25, 2012

Seasonal Button Trees

A sale on buttons + a sale on canvas = a great teacher gift idea!

Since the swirly button tree I've had the idea of making a teacher gift she could use in the classroom or split up with her assistant and they each get a set.  These two ladies that taught the 3yr old preschool class at our church have had both of my boys and I can never thank them enough for the loving guidence they have provided! 

Gavin was so shy and had speach concerns but by the end of preschool he actually sang his first song all on his own one morning while lying in bed with me, Open my Eyes Lord, it was such a special moment I'll never forget!  And this year Carter has retained so much information he's able to say the Our Father with us at church and sang the song Emaculate Mary he learned at school so perfectly for my Mom, which is her favorite song, that I'll never forget that moment either!

Just hoping to give them something that won't be a dust collector, won't be used and forgotten and everytime they see it they'll think of the boys and smile.

Each boy had their hand in creating the trees, though Carter sat the longest so I only got a photo of him :)

Winter/ Spring


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