Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween treats

I saw super cute Halloween Peeps at Target a few weeks ago and went online to get some ideas on how to use them. I found one that I had to make it for the trick-or-treaters coming over, super easy and super cute!

It took a couple hrs to complete them all, from melting the chocolate, decorating, waiting for the chocolate to set and then wrapping them up, but sooo worth it!

(Didn't want to set the creations chocolate side down overnight b/c I was sure the chocolate would rub off onto the bag and be a royal mess for the next day)

Can't wait to hand them out tonight (along with some fall magnet crafts from Oriental Trading) for the neighborhood hayride! I'm not worried about being 'that' house that always does homemade stuff and crafts each year, the kids are young enough to appreciate it. But in a few years I'll have to resolved to candy bars I'm sure :)

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