Friday, October 29, 2010

My sweeties

Well, finally finished the Halloween costumes and they turned out good for my first time! I stumbled onto the idea of the ice cream cone earlier in the year when searching Google for something and saw this Mom made her daughters costume out of panty hose, looked super easy!
This was perfect because Carter was totally into ice cream, I mean really into ice cream for a 2yr old...asking for it at the dinner table almost every night when he finished his meal and even for snack; though he never got it for snack b/c of mean old Mommy saying he needed something healthy instead.

Then it didn't take long to come up with a costume idea for Gavin, he's totally into donuts! He'd consume a whole box of munchkins if I let him, eating the chocolate ones first of course (Did I mention how much I love these boys, they sooo take after me in the sweets department and I'm loving it!)

I then headed to a nearby one-stop-shop, Walmart, for fabric for both costumes, polyfil, multi-colored straws, and white pantyhose for the ice cream part; I would have loved nothing more than to make Carter's favorite chocolate ice cream but I could only find mocha- and it didn't look like chocolate if you know what I mean. It was awesome spending only $4 for all the fabric too, gotta love clearance racks even in the fabric section!

I was able to use things around the house to help me with a layout as the pattern was in my head for both of these.

Oh, and be careful using hot glue on stuffed animals! I used Pooh as a model to glue the ice-cream topper together and it got stuck to his head. He'll have battle scars, but then again everytime I see them it'll just remind me of when I made my first costume!

So with the help of my mom's sewing maching for the donut part and lots of hot glue and straws for the sprinkles, both costumes were finished!

They took a few weeks to create only because as any parent I could only scrape a few minutes here and there to work on them, but they were worth every second when seeing how excited the boys were to wear them!

They're only little once so thought I'd go for the 'sweet' costumes this year, as when they get older I'm sure they'll want a store bought 'something or other' from TV or movies. And the wagon ride from house to house is always wonderful as we all live too far away for the little ones to walk that distance.

Now, hopefully the costumes will hold up until actual Halloween so we can go trick-or-treating at the Grandparents! Who-hoo, more candy... not really a good thing, just more temptation for me and extra dentist visits for them!


  1. Thanks Chris, can't wait to see your little munchkins all decked out!