Monday, June 20, 2011

Reusable lunchware

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman

Ah... it's finally summer, no full calender of pre-school activities or homework to worry about... so what am I doing thinking of the Fall already?!?!

I think it has to do with me always being extra prepared with everything I do, especially when it comes to the kids. The day before the infant doctors appts. I had the bags packed with all we'd need so there was no rushing the morning of, months before the birthday parties I already knew what theme to decorate with and most of the time already purchased the essentials, and always try to be ahead of what's on the calendar and make it fun for everyone instead of rushing and forgetting things.

But I think enrolling the boys in a summer camp didn't help either! Pre-school is half day, no need to worry about packing a lunch b/c we get to fix one together so when we get home we can talk about what exciting new things happened during the day. But in signing them up for something only 3 days in June and July to keep the idea of a routine in the back of their minds, their day is a little longer and they have to bring a lunch. Yay! But totally bummed I wasn't able to pre-search for cute lunch boxes for them to bring :) Bagged lunch will probably work out better in the long run, from experience working with little ones I can't expect a 3 and 4yr old to remember to bring home lids to containers!

But it did get me searching info for when Gavin goes into Kindergarten next Fall, yay... more pre-planning!!!

I've always loved the Pottery Barn Kids line, anything from there is great quality and super cute!

And a few yrs ago I saw in their catalog the Spencer Bento Box, awesome for kids portions and not having baggies to buy!

I have a feeling their first lunch box won't be the metal one that I grew up with but a more eco-friendly style that will last longer and won't dent or rust :)

So that got me looking into what is out there for lunches and thought I'd post a few things I found to be really neat! has some great stuff like these sandwich bags to replace a ziplock baggie that sits in the landfills for yrs!

These are great for little ones too so they know what's inside each bag. I wish I had the mystery one when I was little, I loved the excitement of opening my lunch to see what Mom packed me that day!

Then there are these SUPER-CUTE lunchies from Skip-Hop! They have a fox lunchbox, really??? Where were they when I was a kid!!!!

Now that preschool is in the picture for both boys this Fall I am so excited to see what new themes will come out for all the school supplies!

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