Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa's Elf

We have been blessed with the presence of one of Santa's elves thanks to one of our wonderful neighbors who went to a book signing and thought of us!  I had heard about the Elf on the Shelf but never saw it anywhere to purchase or knew anyone who had one so never looked into it.  And to tell you the truth I wasn't too sure I like the idea of a little doll staring at us all day.  But I am so thankful Chip's here now, not only is he adorable but we have so much fun with him... and the kids do too :) 

Registering online is a must, the kids enjoyed the virtual visit to the North Pole and after we registered Chip there are so many neat games to play!

Chip's been hiding in some great spots but after a few weeks,  and if you have a small house like us, you might need some extra creative ideas and that's when I was on the look and found these:

This will be such a great tradition for us, it's even helping to keep the boys in line with always saying 'Chip's watching, you'd better be good so he might tell Santa you've been naughty.'  Last week has been an exceptionally difficult week for the boys and getting in trouble so I used Chip as a helper to deliver letters from Santa in hopes that it'll encourage better behaviors.

If you don't have a Santa's helper yet in your home, I would certainly recommend one if you have children who still believe.  The magic of believing will only last so long and I'm looking forward to keeping the vision of Santa alive as long as I can!

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