Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Turning 5 is Grrreat!

“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.”

Speaking of dandelions, I made a dandy of a lion for Gavin's birthday today that I'd love to share!  After it was set that he was having a jungle theme this year I started looking for ideas everywhere, and the Wilton circus cat cake looked super easy, just what I needed for his pre-school cake seeing as I needed to bake and decorate it on Valentine's day, the easier the better!  Though I opted not to purchase a whole box of ice cream cones just to use one for his party hat, maybe if he had a summer birthday, but I don't foresee us using the rest of the cones before they go bad.

Using my Mother-in-Laws petal pan, from 1980 something, and a half of the sports ball pan I have for the face, I dirty iced the bottom with homemade super rich chocolate butter cream and yellow icing for the face.

I then iced 2 oreo cookies for ears and it's started to look like a Lion in no time!

Then the fun part with tip #21 and making the mane, you can't make mistakes with this, the more layers the better!

I rolled out a tootsie roll for the nose and decorated the rest with butter cream

Happy Birthday Gavin!  And even though he's 5 he knows he'll always be my little guy!

Now tomorrow I start to make his cake for the party on Sunday.  So glad next week Lent starts, I'm gonna need to fast to make up for yesterday and this weekend alone! 

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