Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Glue Ghosts

Just the other day I was noticing how much I truly stocked up on some of my kids school supplies in the summer, how could anyone pass up the .25 glue bottles!
So here's a project that's great for Halloween and used about half a bottle.
You'll need:
Cookie tray lined with wax paper
White yarn
Elmers Glue
Construction paper or a black permanent marker for eyes and mouth

Just have your child lay out the yarn on the tray in the shapes of their ghosts.

Then fill with glue, making sure to trace the inner edge of the yarn so it adherers while drying.  This step was a little tough for my 4yr old so you may need to help squeeze :)

I then gave him a popsicle stick to move the glue around and fill in any air bubbles or holes

The next step is up to you, I thought my little one would like to drop the oval mouths and small eyes on so I cut some out of construction paper.  But after drying they bled a little, if that bothers you skip this step and draw on the face with the permanent marker when it's dry.


Here they are all filled in. Just sit the tray(s) aside where they won't get touched or bumped for a day or two and let them dry.

I threaded the tops with a needle so I could hang them, of course with festive pumpkins so they weren't too scary

Happy Decorating!

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