Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Special Announcement

I've been looking for a different way to announce something special and one night while in bed it came to me... use a photo!

Since we knew this would be our last child we wanted to spread the word a little different this time around, and do you know how difficult it was not to tell my Mom right away, but she deserved a surprise just like everyone else!
I waited until Thanksgiving to tell the immediate family by having the boys wear their shirts, what a way to get a reaction!  Then instead of chain phone calls we sent out postcards to everyone else to let them know the big news.
The post cards were super easy, I just took a photo of the boys in their new Big Brother shirts (which were made by VistaPrint and shipped super fast) and used the photo as the post card!
I didn't want to risk the chance that someone wouldn't get what the photo meant so I came up with a saying to put on the back, printed it out on sticky paper and stuck the poem to the back of the photo, added the sending address and finally a postcard stamp- super easy and inexpensive!

 If you haven't guess by the photo
just read what our shirts say,
we found out that our family will be
growing by one more just the other day.
Daddy says this will be our last addition
and Mommy does agree,
but we can't wait until July to meet our
new Baby-to-be!
Two Proud Brothers,
Gavin & Carter
We are so excited for our family to grow even more, and I have  to say that he or she is lucky to have two great big brothers to grow up with- can't wait for the fun to begin!

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