Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cork Reindeer Ornaments


Between hubby, myself and both our mothers we go thru some wine, and some are special so I have been saving the corks.  I saw in a catalog that there is a cork trivet you can make and wondered if there was anything else you can make from those little stoppers. 
(made the cork trivet for Mother-in-Law btw, it was a hit!)
Then I found them... the cutest reindeer ornaments from corks!

You need a few corks, 2 per reindeer
Small sticks to use for legs, neck and antlers (kids helped collect these)
Hot glue gun
Push pins with balls on the end, for the nose
Wire cutters
Small Philips head screwdriver or metal nail

Make 4 holes on the bottom of one cork using the small screwdriver or nail, making sure the stick will fit in the hole. The corks are very forgiving so dig in!

Make sure to break or cut 4 twigs the same length and see how they look in the cork.  It's easy to twist them around or swap spots to get better balance.

After you're happy with how it looks put a dot of hot glue into the holes one at a time and push in the twigs.

For the head, I cut my second cork down a bit with a knife, it's all in how you want the reindeer to look.
Then poke a hole in the cork for the neck and another hole on the top of the first cork for the neck to fit in.  Glue in place.  Do the same for the antlers and you're all set!

I added a red pushpin for the nose and another to hold the ribbon at the base of the neck.
They turned out super cute and the wine-o's at Christmas enjoyed their gifts made with love!

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