Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby Cassidy joins the wildflower family!

She came late but our new addition, Cassidy Jean, arrived July 25th at 12:35am!  She arrived in a hurry, and thank goodness because she was all natural and I don't think I could have endured that pain if she took as long as the boys did at birth!

 Everyone is so excited to have a girl in family, I finally feel our family is complete (and yes, I'm thrilled to see pink in the house too), but I think no one is more excited than the two big brothers! 

They are always checking on her, singing to her, and there are limitless kisses and hugs every time she's in their presence.  Of course life doesn't stop when a newborn arrives and you have 2 older ones who need to get energy out so we've been quite busy until school starts, thankfully my recovery was quick.

She was an early smiler at a few weeks old and now at 3 months she's teething, reminds me a lot of Carter hitting early milestones when he was a baby.  She also has Carter's 'chipmunk cheeks' and nose, looking a baby pictures they look a lot alike.  So far she's petite and long, growing out of the length of sleepers before filling them out, reminding me of Gavin and how tall he always was, and still is!  It's neat to see both of her brothers in her!
Cassie and I have some one-on-one time while the boys are in school which is nice because boy oh boy does it get busy once they get home at 4pm.  I can't believe how much homework Gavin brings home in 1st grade already.  Thankfully Carter doesn't have much in Kindergarten but helping them both with trying to tend to a baby was pretty trying the first few weeks.  Now we're on a routine and she recognizes the bus, is all smiles when her brothers come home and most days watches them contently while we talk about their day and do homework together. 
Can't wait to go thru the baby stages again and will truly soak up every moment this go-round.  I look forward to the many blessings she will bring and receive while with us... welcome little wildflower to our family!

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