Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SAHM Workouts

I'm on a mission... to stay in the clothes I now have for as long as possible! I realize that there's no chance I'll ever get my pre-kids body back but I at least like to maintain what I have for a while. Mainly due to the SAHM salary; hugs and kisses are better than any lump some of money but they can't help buy new clothes!

I really do miss the extra energy I had when working out at Curves before the boys were even thought of. So now I'm trying to take those simple moves I've learned there and apply them to around-the-house activities to get in my exercise for the day, or week for that matter! Sure pushing the 20lb stroller w/ two toddlers weighing over 20lbs themselves is a workout but some days getting out to the grocery store is a task, let alone going for a walk. And workout videos, yea right. Thought I would have some time to do some free workouts On Demand while the kids were napping, but then when would the dishes and laundry get done?

So when I think about it I try to do simple activities to help get my quota of exercise at home; feel free to try these for yourself and let me know if you have any other suggestions! And the best part... most of these are done with the inclusion of your kids, so it's fun bonding time with an added bonus of exercise for you!

*Side note: Carrying your child during any of theses exercises adds a good weight resistance too!

While brushing your teeth for the recommended time of 2 minutes, try doing squats, leg lifts or a combination of both. It always helps jump start the day for me and helps me brush longer too!

There's calorie burning going on when you're vacuuming because of the upper body resistance but add a lower body workout by doing leg lunges and you'll get a great workout while cleaning at the same time.

Stairs, need I say more! The more the better. But you don't have to go all the way up and down every time, especially if you're home w/ the kids and need to be within eye-shot. Just use the bottom step like you would in a step class in a gym; step up with one leg and do a leg lift with the other; alternate each leg for a great burn in no time.

While standing in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes it's super easy to work your hamstrings by going up and down on the balls of your feet and even walking from the counter to the fridge on tipie toes. If you have a little girl they'll love the fact that Mommy is a ballerina in the kitchen and may join you in the fun!

Playing with the kids outside is a no-brainer. Lifting them onto a toy, spinning them around, and anytime you can be airplanes and run around chasing each other everyone enjoys themselves!

Floor play is what my boys like best. I lay on my back with legs bent in the air. With their belly on my legs I am able to hold them while I lift them up and down. I call it the kissing game and get a good tummy workout too when I lift my legs up to my chest I sit up a little and give them a kiss then they go back down. This can last forever with my boys!

There are tons more- like carrying the most laundry I can possibly hold, or pushing the boys around the house in an empty diaper box. Just activities that aren't time restrictive and will fit into anyone's daily routine!

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