Sunday, November 1, 2009

Construction update

Been quite busy around here with all the construction but we're managing until the stairs come in (which are now overdue) and we can all utilize our own bedrooms. The boys are doing their best to adjust to sleeping in the same room, as we are to sleeping on the couch :)

Gavin helping move Carter's crib to Gavin's room
Gavin helping to put Carter's crib together in his room

Carter looking through the new hole in the wall we're taking down between the kitchen and our old bedroom


Demo of kitchen/bedroom wall
No more sleeping in there!

Kiddos had to wear ear protection during dinner because of Daddy's nail gun

Mike pulling up our old bedroom floor
Pulling up old flooring

New view from the front door (doorway into kitchen filled in half way to now become a breakfast table breezeway and our old bedroom door widened to accommodate traffic flow to stairs)

Gavin helping Daddy lay the new wood flooring

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