Thursday, January 28, 2010

New life

I have been so let down by my socks here lately! I'm always finding holes in them and it's not like I'm doing hard labor, they just wear so quickly and I feel like I'm just throwing money down the drain. But I have found a way to re-use and give new life to all the holy or mis-matched socks that we have accumilated around here over the years and just wanted to share in case anyone else is experienceing this too.

Dust rags

Ice Pack
Use the socks with out holes of course! Pour uncooked rice in them, tie closed, freeze and you have a make shift ice pack.

Sock puppets
The kids enjoy helping but it's been a release for me to draw on the socks I'm most frustrated about too!

And my favorite one I utilized just today....

Freezie pop holders!
Just slip a freezie pop into a sock and no more cold little hands or sticky mess to clean up from the juice running down their arms!

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