Monday, June 21, 2010

Giving cake pops a try

Well, it was certainly a learning experience! I LOVE the idea of a cake pop- the 'almost too cute to eat' appearance draws me in every time! So after seeing so many done by Bakerella I had to give them a try myself.

(I'm sorry, some pictures refuse to turn around the correct way in every program I use! You'll have to tilt your head at this one and last one on here)

I've been wanting to make them for birthday parties or holiday occasions but because I've never made them before, and the fact that I'd need at least 20-30, I didn't have much motivation seeing how I'm a perfectionist when it comes to crafty ideas. Then came the end of the school year for Gavin's preschool. I needed an accent for the teacher gifts and only needed two cake pops, this was a perfect opportunity to try them out!

Unfortunately there was trouble at the beginning of the process. I added too much icing to the cake... that made the rest of the process more difficult. Note to self: less is more next time around! And of course no time to make more cake to even out the texture! Gotta make do!

From then on the freezer was my best friend to get the cake to stiffen up and become mold-able.

And then the melted candy was my saviour when it came time for the popsicle sticks to stay in place!

Needless to say I learned the hard way what not to do and pulled a full recovery for at least 2 of
them out of 10... thankfully!

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