Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tilling the land

"Gardening requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration." ~Lou Erickson

The grounds around the house are also getting a makeover per-say. Two years ago we fenced-off the backyard and added a patio off the back deck. That was is though, everything inside the yard,

weeds, piles of dirt and weeds, low areas filled with water,


all took a back seat when Gavin and Carter arrived and we focused on the inside. This summer I find myself really utilizing the outside to get their pent-up boy energy out most of the day.

Photobucket Throwing sticks in Mother Nature's Pond

We relocated 1 large frog, 2 medium frogs and 14 tadpoles into the Windsor Pond down the road. Poor things had been there so long they were calling it home!

So a few weekends ago we took a break from working on the addition to empty, grade out and seed the backyard (It was too cute watching the boys throw seed, Gavin thought it was bird food :)




Rain had been plentiful but of course as soon as the seed touched the ground it didn’t rain for a week and when it did rain it washed some of the seed from a few areas. Looking back we should have washed the vehicles that same weekend- that always makes it rain! Some seed took with the help of our nightly watering routine but it’ll be a while for it to get established.

We have big plans for a tall fireplace and barbeque off the patio and I would like to put gardens throughout the backyard- but that also takes time and money and you can’t utilize one without the other.

So here’s hoping next Spring/Summer we can finish what we’ve started and actually have friends and family over to entertain!

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