Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breakfast O's with chowmama

"As the gardener, such is the garden."...Hebrew proverb

I'm not a stickler by any means when it comes to organic foods and feeding my family, I go by the fact that I was raised fine with the foods local supermarkets provide us, so why conform when something is working for us, and our budget. So if I add a few organic ingredients or 'natural' products to our weekly meals I feel I'm living up to the health craze at least a little bit.

Now here comes breakfast... the sweetest meal of the day. Every breakfast item is sugary, from pancakes and muffins to oatmeal and cereal. Most of the time I try my best to cut the sugar by adding the natural sugar of fruits into every breakfast; like stirring purred fruits (or go the easy route and use natural applesauce) into oatmeal or offer cereal mixed with raisins or dried fruit.

I came across this article and thought that since this new wave of eating organic is everywhere it seems, maybe it'll give a few ideas to those who could use it. But some of the recipes I definitely will be trying out, especially the Pumpkin Walnut Cream Cheese, but minus some of the 'organic' in front of the ingredients :)

chowmama Breakfast: "Here’s the skinny (or not-so-skinny, as it were): Cascadian Farms is owned by General Mills who recently quietly reformulated Purely O’s adding THREE times the sugar, fillers including corn meal and sweeteners including tapioca syrup....

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  1. I like to watch the sugar I buy oats for LM's oatmeal. I boil milk with a teaspoon of brown sugar and lots of cinnamon. Then, I add the oats. It's ready in five minutes and by cooking with old-fashioned oats, you can control the amount of sugar that goes into the those little tummies. Much healthier (or at least I think so) than the pre-packaged type that are loaded with preservatives and sugar. Enjoy! Dried fruit adds even more enjoyable taste!