Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring has sprung and is on it's way out

"Look at us, said the violets blooming at her feet, all last winter we slept in the seeming death but at the right time God awakened us, and here we are to comfort you." ~Edward Payson Rod

It's hard to believe that the flowers of Spring are on their last legs! The roses are blooming strong as the iris' and phlox are displaying their last show of the season.

The peaches and cream rose tree will be my biggest challenge again this summer, I can see the beetles coming from afar already!

Even though some flowers have exhausted their abilities this year, it is exciting to see new blooms riping for the summer season! Hopefully I can contain the Sedum this year from going wild!

And I'm truly looking forward to the display the Blue Hydrangea near the house has to give, planted as a reminder of my first born's baptism!

The Red Carpet Daylilies are always a vibrant sight when pulling into the driveway! Such great perennials for borders! And the perfect height for little helpers to water!

Now the next task at hand is mulching! It has been pushed back due to an abundance of weeds I wanted to get rid of first and then with last weeks car accident, I hope to utilize my little guys to help me out next weekend! They both can't wait to use the garden tools the Easter bunny left for them! They helped out Mother's Day weekend by planting some annuals but haven't had a chance scrape the dirt as much as they'd like I'm sure :)
Once all this rain subsides, watch out garden worms, nothing like avid little gardeners with ducky tools and excitement to burn!

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