Friday, May 7, 2010

Gotta love planning a kids birthday party!

I am truly excited about planning Carter's 2nd Birthday party! My one girlfriend Sam and I keep saying that we had so much fun planning our weddings, and now our children's birthday parties, that we could make a living by becoming a party planner. But there's always the down side of working non-stop and being away on the weekends. But it doesn't stop me from going all out for family functions!

With the exception of thier 1st birthday's, which I still kept their interests in mind but was excited to find an 'I dig being 1' and 'Lil Slugger turns 1' themes, I got to choose the themes myself. Now I've been letting my boys choose thier own theme and give them specific ones to pick from. This way I know they won't choose a princess theme just because it has the picutre of a horse on it, it's usually gender neutral or from characters they might recognize from TV.

Carter obviously watches what Gavin does, a year apart doesn't quite matter with TV programs, so I couldn't re-use Wonder Pets that Gavin chose for his 3rd birthday. So I copy and pasted several screen images from an online party website onto a blank word document page, plopped Carter on my lap and let him point to the one he wanted. He saw the farm animals theme and smiled, scanned past Pooh and Tigger, past Elmo, and ended up pointing right to Curious George and in his best 20 month old way he says 'e-e, ooh-ooh!' They've only seen Curious George once or twice since January of this year but when it was on boy did Carter crack up like there was no tomorrow at the noises George made when he "spoke." As soon as his eyes lite up and pointed to that picture I knew we had a winner! And I also knew how much fun this was going to be (for me)!

Just a tease of what's to come for those of you who are attending later this month:

*Can't wait to try out an awesome banana cake recipe I came across

*Great park nearby with enough room for everyone

*Oh, and did I mention this park has a minature train... you can RIDE! Thus I have to use this as one of the party favors:


  1. You ALWAYS do such a fantastic job with each of their parties. We can't wait to attend this one...especially because Andrew has just now been introduced to "Curious" as well!

  2. Thanks Chirs! It truly is tons of fun! So glad you can make it, I'm sure Andrew will have a blast too! And I know how much kids in general love bananas, I'll definatly have to see if there's a Costco size box to have there too! Just pray for good weather, the coordinator said if the tracks are wet then the train won't be available that day, bummer, but they do have a nice playground we can utilize if it's good weather!