Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worst Cleaning Jobs Made Easy

If I was a working mom I would truly look into hiring a cleaning service! I don't know how my girlfriends who work do it, come home from a long day, cook dinner, clean up from dinner, spend what time of the night is left with their kids before bedtime routines start- not to mention even having a conversation with their husband, and it all starts again the next day. Where the heck does cleaning time come in, especially with birthdays and weddings taking the reigns every weekend for the rest of the summer!

Heck, as a stay-at-home Mom I would rather be spending time with my kids than cleaning! MSN had this link I thought I'd share for those of us that have to do the dirty work ourselves in the worst cleaning jobs made easy! Even if you know how to clean like there's no tomorrow, I'm sure there are a few on this list you haven't done yet this year!

It was great that they stated when certain tasks that you don't think about on a regular basis should be undertaken, like cleaning under the fridge at least twice a year, guess I'll start on that one here soon! Maybe I'll finally find those missing fridge magnets we've been looking for too :)

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